Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How do I activate my PAYMAYA physical Visa card? Via App

  1. For iOS users:
           a. Tap “More”, then “My Cards”.
       For Android users:
           b. Tap the drawer on the upper left corner, then tap “My Cards”
  2. Tap “Link” to activate your PayMaya VISA card.
  3. Fill out the required details and tap “Activate”
  4. Use your card to shop online, swipe like a credit card, or tap* to ride the trains!
*For cards with beep function

 Via SMS
  2. Send to 292907969
*The Card ID# is the number found at the bottom part of the card.

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  1. Bat di maactivate Ang pay Maya khit anung txt ko Ang lumalabas ay opps sorry try again


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