Friday, March 18, 2016

How to Start and Stop Diesel Generator in Local/Machine Side Operation?

Starting Diesel Generator in Local/Machine Side Operation

Starting operation discussed here is for machine side operation only. If remote
control operation is available, follow the maker’s instruction manual for proper

i. Start D.O. pump and confirm that diesel oil has been supplied to D/G engine F.O.
system. It is always a practice that diesel oil is used for starting the D/G engine.
ii. Make sure that the engine is warm and the Jacket Cooling F.W. temperature is
above 50oC.
iii. Confirm that the lube oil pressure is suitable as per machinery parameters when
engine is in idle condition.
iv. Drain out moisture in the air tank, open the starting air root valve and confirm
suitable pressure at the engine gauge board.
v. Confirm that indicator cocks are open and carry out air blowing. When air blowing
is completed and engine condition is confirmed in good order, close the indicator
cocks and engine is ready for fuel running.
vi. Start the D/G engine by operating the starting air handle while the fuel handle is
in “Stop” position. When the flywheel rotates, the fuel handle can be released
gradually to avoid speeding of the crankshaft rotation. When the engine is in fuel
running condition, release the operation of the starting air handle and hold the
fuel handle gradually until the engine reached its rated speed. When the engine
has reached its rated speed, the fuel handle is on top position and should be
fixed into the markings.
vii. When the engine has run, confirm that pressure of lubricating oil, valve rocker
arm lub. Oil, cooling water, fuel oil etc. has risen to the specified values.
viii. Check that all the temperatures of lube oil, cooling water, exhaust, etc. are within
the specified parameters.
ix. When the D/G engine is newly overhauled, re-adjustment of various clearances
and parameters e.g. tappet clearance, P-max, etc. has to be observed before
putting load to the D/G engine. Greater caution has to be followed when doing
this and should always consult with maker’s instruction manual.
x. When all checks have been done and D/G engine conditions are all in order, the
D/G engine can be now engaged for load operation. For load operation, follow
the procedures of the “Main Switchboard” operation.

Stopping Diesel Generator in Local/Machine Side Operatione

i. When the engine has to be stopped make sure that the load has been removed
and the engine is running in diesel oil. Under any circumstances, D/G engine
should not be stopped when having loads and running in fuel oil.
ii. Run the D/G engine for a few minute after removal of loads and make sure that
the temperature has decrease and stable at its lowest point prior stopping.
iii. When above conditions are met, stopping operation can proceed by putting the
fuel handle to “Stop” position and by opening the indicator cocks. When the
engine has stopped, carry out air running for few seconds to release excess
gases in the cylinder.
iv. If the D/G engine has a remote operation control, make sure to close the indicator
cocks, the D.O. valves should be opened, lube oil and cooling system is under
warming condition and various switches (Local ~ Remote, etc.) are in order.
v. If the starting operation is on local side only, indicator cocks can be left open until
the next starting but the D/G engine must be in warming and ready to start
condition at all times.

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