Thursday, May 5, 2016

How To Apply NBI Clearance Online?

Assuming you don’t have an account, on the upper right of your screen, click on the link “SIGN UP”.
NBI Clearance Online
A small window will pop out asking you to select your NBI Clearance Type. Please select “NEW” or “RENEWAL” whichever is applicable to you.
For this example, I will be registering a NEW Application since this is my first time.
NBI Clearance Online
After selecting NEW Application, the next window will request you to fill up several Personal Information about you.
Supply all the details correctly. The personal information you have written will be used in you NBI Clearance Application form.
Click the box “I ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE” to proceed to the next step.
NBI Clearance Online
In the next window, you choose to read the entire Terms of Service OR just skip it by clicking the “AGREE” button (that is the blue button).
NBI Clearance Online
After clicking the Agree button, the window will be closed and you will return to the same “NEW APPLICANT” window which you have filled up. Now, click the“SIGN IN” button.
A notification will be shown at the upper right side of your screen. It simply tells you that “You have successfully registered in our portal. Confirmation Email has been sent to [youremailaddress]”
NBI Clearance Online
For the mean time, leave the NBI Clearance Online Application website and open your email address. Find the email confirmation sent by the NBI Clearance Online Application website to activate an account.
The email confirmation looks like the image below. Click the “ACTIVATE ACCOUNT”button.
NBI Clearance Online
After clicking the Activate Button, that will bring you back to the NBI Clearance Application Online website.

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