Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How can I avoid being a victim of Social Networking Scams?

You can avoid being a victim by observing the following tips:
  1. Change password regularly and use strong passwords which are combination of alpha numeric and special characters (e.g. *,$,#,etc.).
  2. Never use the same passwords that you use for your online banking and your social network account.
  3. Never list your personal information (complete name, birthday, and billing address, etc.) on your profile page. A common way for a fraudster to hack you financial or other account is to click on “Forgot your password?” link. Answers to the security questions should not be found in your personal profile.
  4. Do not accept invites asking you to click a link to view someone else’s profile. You might be redirected to a phony site which imitates the legitimate site with messages that entice you to share your passwords or credit card numbers.
Other Fees And Charges for BDO Bank
Refund Fee P100 or 1% whichever is higher Can be charged through Credit Card or through Branch using account Number Credit Cards-5006-9906-1000 CC*7400
Card Replacement due to Lost P400 Charged to Credit Card
Change in Color P400 Charged to Credit Card
Pre-termination Fee of Installment 5% or P300 whichever is higher Charged to Credit Card

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