Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What is the BDO Credit Card Limit and Shared Credit Card Limit?

Use of the Credit Card Limit and Shared Credit Card Limit
In case you are issued two (2) or more BDO Credit Cards, BDO may, at its sole discretion, give a separate Credit Card Limit for each of the card issued or a consolidated Shared Credit Limit (SCCL) for all such cards.
  1. What is a Credit Card Limit
    Credit Card Limit refers to the maximum total amount for purchases, cash advances, balance transfers, finance charges, service fees, penalties and other charges which can be charged to your BDO Credit Card/s
To illustrate:
  • Card Type Credit Card Limit Purchases Available Limit
    Card 1 P60,000 P30,000 P30,000
    Card 2 P60,000 P10,000 P50,000
    In the above example, after purchase you can only use the available limit of P30,000 for Credit Card 1, and P50,000 for Credit Card 2.
  1. What is a Shared Credit Card Limit
    Shared Credit Card Limit* is the Credit Card Limit assigned to you across all your BDO Credit Cards.
    * All future BDO Credit Cards will have the same SCCL,  unless required documents for Increase in Credit Limit (ICL) are submitted.
To illustrate:
  • Card Type Shared Credit Card Limit Purchases Available Limit
    Card 1 P60,000 P30,000 P20,000
    Card 2 P10,000
    In the above example, Card 1 and Card 2 share a Credit Limit of P60,000. When purchases are made by either card, it reduces the available Credit Limit on both cards.
    In this example, you may use up to P20,000 for either cards. Note that the combined additional purchases for both cards should not exceed the Available Limit of P20,000.
    To check if your credit card account is under the Shared Credit Card Limit, your Total Customer Limit should be equal to  your Credit Card Limit (as indicated on your card carrier).
    To Illustrate:
    Credit Card Limit:        P150,000
    Total Customer Limit:  P150,000

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