Friday, March 18, 2016

How to Conduct of UMS Operation?

Conduct of UMS Operation

The UMS watch is commencing depending on the Chief Engineer’s judgment that it
is technically practicable in accordance with the “UMS Check List” and that the
machinery space has clear of danger and the safe operation is established.
The UMS duty engineer shall observe the following and perform UMS duty in
accordance with SMS procedure.
a. The UMS duty engineer shall carry out checks to the engine room and ensure
that there is no problem with the operation of various machinery and equipment.
After a close check using the UMS Check List, he must report to the Chief
Engineer and submit the accomplished checklist after signing it. UMS check is
usually carried in the morning as general rule.
b. When it is considered that the state of operation of the various machinery and
equipment is not as per planned, the duty engineer shall deal with it properly and
report to the Chief Engineer. UMS operation shall not be started until the Chief
Engineer has permitted it.
c. The UMS duty engineer shall carry out inspection tours in accordance with the
Security procedure and obey the special instruction in relation to an inspection
tour received from the Chief Engineer.
d. When UMS operation is started after the end of work of the Engine Department,
the UMS duty engineer shall change over the "UMS Duty Switch" to the UMS
side after checking that there is no abnormal alarm, and then the fact shall be
communicated to the bridge.
e. When a UMS extension alarm sounds, he shall hurry to the engine control room,
take the proper measures and report to the Chief Engineer. Note that when it is
impossible for the Engineer on UMS duty himself to take measures or make a
judgment; he shall promptly report the fact to the Chief Engineer and request
f. When UMS operation is restarted after a UMS extension alarm is dealt with, the
fact shall be communicated to the bridge.
g. The Engineer on UMS duty shall, as a general rule, stay within the audible range
of the UMS extension alarm. When he does leave the audible range, he shall
always take necessary measures.

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