Friday, March 18, 2016

What is UMS Checklists?

UMS Checklists

UMS Checklist is a list of various machineries in the engine room where each of
machineries and its condition including but not limited to its parameters such as
temperature, pressure, and other condition is recorded. The checklist is prepared by
the designated duty engineer on daily basis prior seeking approval to the Chief
Engineer for UMS operation. The checklists are kept on file and serve as official
records of machinery spaces operation.
The following check items shall be at least included in the UMS Check List.
a. There is no abnormality with each process value, such as temperature, pressure,
revolution, flow rate, level, etc.
b. There is no abnormality, such as vibration, noise, leakage and overheating, with
the operating conditions of various machinery and equipment.
c. There is no abnormality with monitoring system, alarm system, remote control
system, automatic control system and electric system.
d. Fire Protection/Fire-Fighting Appliance and other Equipment and device that are
not in continuous use are ready for use immediately.
e. Back-up systems, such as stand-by machinery, etc. are established.
f. The machinery space is in order, clean, and has no presence of danger.
The UMS checklist is only valid within the 24 hours period it has been conducted.

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