Friday, March 18, 2016

What is the Purpose of UMS Checks?

Unmanned Machinery Spaces (UMS) System Checks
Modern ships are capable of being operated with unmanned machinery spaces.
Commonly, all controlled are located outside the engine room wherein all operational
requirements can be done. The advantage of this type of ship is that the vessel
machineries are operated remotely, with ease of human controls, monitors and
alarms are located strategically in the accommodation area and less number of crew
are required comparing with the older ships design. Safety aspects are well
considered and were compensated with various sensors, recorders and alarms that
are installed in various locations in the machinery spaces as well as in the crew

Purpose of UMS Checks

UMS check is an important procedure to be conducted prior arranging an UMS
operation. The UMS checks shall be conducted and recorded in the UMS Checklists,
bearing in mind all the principles has to be observed in keeping an engineering
watch and complying with safety management system objectives; Safety of Life at
Sea, Safe Operation of the Machineries and Environmental Protection and Security.
This is to ensure and to maintain that safe operation of the machineries and safety of
the ship at all times. Designated duty personnel (Engineer and rating) should
conduct thorough checking of machineries and its spaces before asking permission
to the Chief Engineer for the UMS operation.
Common procedures in conducting UMS checks is that all engineer’s including the
rating’s shall conduct machinery inspections in ascertaining its condition, rectifying
possible trouble to arise during the UMS operation and before the duty engineer can
ask permission to the Chief Engineer. The path of checking or inspection can be
conducted from the uppermost part of the machinery spaces down to the lowermost
floors or vice versa.

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