Friday, March 18, 2016

What is Piping System in the Engine Room (Motor Ship)?

Piping system in the engine room is quite complicated. It is necessary to all
personnel working in the engine room to familiarize them actually, to understand and
locate the arrangement of all equipments connected in a piping system in order to
operate safely. To clearly identify the kind of fluid flowing in the system, color
markings are stenciled in the engine room piping’s. Piping symbol lists are provided
in the finished plan/maker’s instruction manuals. Actual sample of piping system is
incorporated in this handbook and explained in detailed manner to use as guide
during operation. Some of the components may vary depending on the design
requirements of the machineries.

Color Identification Plate

System                                                                         Piping Color
Cooling Fresh Water                                                    Line Blue
Feed Water / Condensate Water                                   Line Blue
Fresh Water Line                                                          Light Blue
Drinking Water Line                                                    Light Blue
Ballast Water Line                                                       Green
Fire Fighting Line                                                        Green
Cooling Sea Water Line and Other
Sea Water Line                                                             Green
F.O. Line                                                                       Red
D.O. Line                                                                      Red
Lubrication Oil Line                                                     Yellow
Cylinder Oil Line                                                          Yellow
Compressor Air Line/Control Air                                 Line Gray
Bilge Line                                                                      Black
Steam Line                                                                     Silver
Acetylene Line                                                               Brown
Oxygen Line                                                                   Black
CO2 Fire Extinguishing Line                                         Pink

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