Friday, March 18, 2016

What is Main Propulsion Plant Piping System?

Main propulsion plant requires various piping system for operation. The piping
systems provides fuel oil, lubrication/cooling oil, cooling water, starting and control air,
Various equipments are also installed in the piping system such as pumps, tanks,
filters, valves, sensors etc. These equipments provide the proper amount of lube
oil/cooling water/fuel oil supply, correct pressure, temperature and flow direction to
the engine are maintained. They are arranged systematically in the engine room
according to their purpose and had provisions for easy facilitation of maintenance

Lubrication Oil Piping System
Main purpose is to provide lubrication to reduce friction and resistance to sliding
parts, provides cooling and prevention of corrosion to various moving parts of the
diesel engine such as bearing’s, piston rings etc. Various lubrication piping systems
is also connected, such as cylinder oil and piston cooling which has different function
during operating condition. Hydraulic oil system is also provided for the operation of
main engine exhaust valves and others

Central Cooling Fresh Water Piping System
Main purpose is to provide cooling water to the cylinder liner, cylinder head, exhaust
valve, etc., during running operation of the diesel engine. It also allows warming
procedure of the engine while on idling condition and provides heating to fresh water
generator. In addition, the system also provides cooling water to L.O. Cooler and
other heat exchangers.

Fuel Oil Piping System
Provides fuel oil to the engine during running condition and facilitate warming
condition of fuel oil at required temperature during idling condition. The fuel oil is
circulated in the system to maintain the required temperature and to be readily
available at all times.

Starting Air and Control Air Piping System
The system provides compressed air for starting of the engine and for
instrumentation purposes of various controls.

Cooling Sea Water Piping System
The system provides cooling sea water to various coolers/condensers in the engine
room. Sea water is taken directly from the sea, passes through the
coolers/condenser and discharged overboard. Sea water is the primary cooling
medium of the engine room machineries. In this system, the sea water is mainly
supplied to Central Cooling Fresh Water Cooler.

Steam Service Piping System
Steam being generated by Exhaust Gas Economizer or Boiler is supplied to various
heaters and other equipments for heating and maintenance purposes. There are two
ways that steam is being generated onboard; by means of exhaust gas economizer
or the auxiliary boiler. Exhaust gas economizer produces required steam while the
main engine is in navigational operation and auxiliary boiler is normally used during
maneuvering or in port condition.

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