Friday, March 18, 2016

What are the Lists of Tanks in the Engine Room

Lists of Tanks in the Engine Room
a. Main L.O. Sump Tank
b. Main L.O. Storage Tank
c. Main L.O. Settling Tank
d. Cylinder Oil Storage Tank
e. Cylinder Oil Measuring Tank
f. S/T L.O. Gravity Tank
g. S/T L.O. sump Tank
h. S/T Forward Seal Tank
i. G/E L.O. Sump Tank
j. G/E L.O. Storage Tank
k. G/E L.O. Overflow Tank
l. Cooling F.W. Expansion Tank
m. Feed Filter Tank
n. Clean Drain Tank
o. Bilge Tank
p. Bilge Separated Oil Tank
q. Bilge Primary Tank
r. H.F.O Storage Tank
s. L.S.H.F.O. Settling Tank
t. Boiler F.O. Settling Tank
u. H.F.O. Service Tank
v. M.D.O. Storage Tank
w. M.D.O. Sett./Serv. Tank
x. Waste Oil Settling Tank
y. F.O./L.O. Sludge Tank
z. M/E Air Cooler Chemical Cleaning Tank

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