Friday, March 18, 2016

What are other Other Machineries onboard the ship?

Emergency Fire Pump

Use to supply sea water to hydrants necessary for fighting any breakdown of fire
onboard. The source of electrical power can be taken from main or emergency
generating equipments

Steering Gear System

Steering gear system provides steering capability for the ship to attain the course it is
directed. It is the prime navigational equipment in the bridge. The steering capability
can be controlled automatically or manually. It is categorized as “Critical Machinery”

Sewage Treatment Plant

A device that processed and removed contaminants from domestic waste water
generated onboard. Its purpose is to produce a waste stream or treated effluent and
solid waste sludge suitable for discharge at sea

Mooring Winch/Windlass

Equipment used for holding the ship in place while in port or at anchorage area.
Mainly consists of electrical motors, pumps, hydraulic system and winches. Mooring
winches/windlasses are situated in the forward and aft part of the ship. It is
categorized as “Critical Machinery” onboard.

Bow Thruster

 A propulsion device built or mounted on the ships bow to increase its
maneuverability. It is specifically used for docking to make maneuverability of the
ships easier, turning from port to starboard or vice versa without using the main


 It provides working area in the engine room and on deck for the maintenance of
equipments and for the storage of tools and spares.


 To provide storage capability for liquid materials in the ships, storage tanks and
service tanks are provided. Location, sizes and capacity varies depending on the
type of liquid to be stored such as fuel oil, lube oil, fresh water, sea water and others.

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