Friday, March 18, 2016

What are Various electrical equipments can also be found onboard the ship?

Various electrical equipments can also be found onboard. Some of the electrical
equipments are coupled with other type of machinery such as mechanical, hydraulic
or pneumatic devices, e.g. pumps, fans, etc.


Primary equipment onboard that generate electricity for electrical power supply to all
electrical machinery and devices.

Main Switchboard and Feeder Panel

The main switchboard and feeder panel directs the electricity generated from the
generator to the various electrical equipments onboard.

Electric Motor

Device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy and it is the reciprocal of
electric generator. Motors are commonly coupled to fans, pumps and other
equipment onboard.

Emergency Generator and Emergency Switchboard

Emergency electrical power is provided and direct by the emergency generator and
emergency switchboards. The amount of electrical power supplied is sufficient to
operate the various emergency equipments onboard.

Emergency Batteries

Another source of electric power onboard on limited time is the emergency batteries.
It is primary used when all the electric generating equipment has failed, for
immediate and temporary supply to emergency lightings and radio communication

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