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Machineries are arranged systematically and with accordance to their operational requirement.

Machineries are arranged systematically and with accordance to their operational
requirement. These machineries are describes as follows:

Main Engine

Provides propulsion power to the ship and is made of diesel engine. Commonly
called as main power plant or the “main engine”, classified by the company’s Safety
Management System as “Critical Machinery”, situated at the center of the engine
room, bolted to the hull at the bottom by commonly called “holding down bolts” and
braced on the top to ensure that the power being developed is efficiently transmitted
to the ship hull via the propeller.

Diesel Generator Engine

Provide mechanical power to the electric generating equipment of the ship.
Commonly term as “auxiliary diesel engine”, and coupled to a generator. There are 4
units available onboard and also categorized as “Critical Machinery”.

Air Compressor

Generates compressed air at required pressure and stored to cylindrical tanks. The
compressed air is used for starting diesel engine, control air for instrumentation,
maintenance cleaning purposes and others.

Auxiliary Boiler

Sealed vessel where water is converted into steam. Steam is generated at certain
pressure to make it usable. Generally, steam is used for heating, medium of prime
mover such as Turbo Generator, turbine pumps etc., and for other purposes. It is
categorized as “Critical Machinery” onboard.

Exhaust Gas Economizer (EGE)

Waste heat recovery equipment for the main engine exhaust gas produces steam.
The heat that was forced out from the main engine (exhaust gas) passes to the rows
of tubes, heated the water inside the tubes and thus, generating steam. Commonly,
when the ship is underway or in navigating waters, the EGE is used for steam
generation and the auxiliary boiler is in stand-by condition. The steam generated is used for heating fuel oil, lube oil and other purposes. It is categorized as “Critical
Machinery” onboard


Device used as separators of liquid to liquid or solid particles to fuel oil or lube oil
used for diesel engine onboard. It can purify and remove sediments from fuel oil and
lube oil to certain acceptable characteristics. In some cases, they are also used as
clarifiers as in the case that oils is containing large amount of sludge (solid particles)
and less amount of water (oil which density is more than 1.0).


To counteract the problems associated with today’s fuel oil, homogenization is being
applied to improve the engine performance.Homogenizer is the device used to grind the fuel oil as it is pumps through the unit.
This device works just like a milling machine for processing of sludge, asphaltenes,
etc., that are commonly associated in the fuel oil even after treatment

Fresh Water Generator

Fresh water generator or “Distilling Plant” generates fresh water onboard. Fresh
water is produced by boiling the sea water and condensing into fresh water. Primary
heating used is the jacket cooling water of the main engine.


 Pump provides sufficient energy to the flow of liquid such as fuel oil, lube oil, water
etc. Centrifugal Pumps, Piston pumps, Screw Pumps and Gear pumps are
commonly installed in the engine room.

 Heat Exchanger

 Heat exchanger allows heat transfer of fluid to another. Heat exchangers are used
for fuel oil, lube oil, fresh water, sea water and refrigeration system. They can be
coolers, heaters and condensers.

 Provision Refrigerating Plant

 For the preservation of foods onboard for the consumption of crew, provision
refrigerating machine is installed. It provides cooling to freeze and chill meat, fish,
vegetables and other products.

 Air Conditioning Plant

 Air conditioning plant provides conditioned air to the ships accommodation to make it
habitable. The system continuously provides and maintains clean, temperature and
humid controlled condition air in the ships cabin, offices and the bridge.

 Oily Water Separator

 Oil and water mixture in the engine room bilge system is processed in the Oily water
separator, and it separates oil and water mixture into a clean effluent before being
discharge into the sea (max. 15 ppm as per MARPOL 73/78 Regulation). The device
is one of the most important equipment for environmental protection. It is categorized
as “Critical Machinery” onboard.


 Segregated garbage and solid wastes generated onboard are burn in the incinerator.
It is constructed of heavy and well-insulated materials to keep the high levels of heat
inside the furnace so that the waste is burned quickly and efficiently

Fan and Blower

Fan and blower are used to create air flow for various purposes. Ventilation fan as an
example are provided to supply/exhaust required amount of air in the engine room.

Main and Emergency Air Reservoir

Main and emergency air reservoir is provided onboard to store pressurized air for
various purposes. The reservoir is designed to kept sufficient amount of air for
starting of the main engine, instrumentation and maintenance purposes.

Control Air Dryer

To maintain clean and dry controlled air for the supply of the various instruments in
the main engine, control air dryer is provided. The device is operating in the reverse
procedure of refrigeration.

Marine Growth Preventive System and Ferrous Ion Generator

 MGPS provides an amount of electric current to produce chlorine that attack marine
growths and preventing them to enter in the cooling system piping.
Fe ion generator used to protect the sea water cooling system by providing anti
corrosion film substances in the cooling tubes (heat exchanger).

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