Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What are requirements for applying Philippines Passport for courtesy lane?


Please have all your original documents and IDs photocopied before going to DFA.


  • Regular government employees / with GSIS / appointed by Civil Service Commission
  • Dependent of government employee
    - Legal spouse
    - Parents
    - Unmarried children
  • Retired government employees (one year from retirement only)
  • Incumbent elected officials
  • For barangay level, only the following are entitled:
    - Barangay Chairman
    - Barangay Kagawad
    - SK Chairman
  • Endorsement from House of Representatives must be endorsed by DLLU before lodging their applications to Courtesy Lane
  • Media Personnel must first secure endorsement from Public Information Services Unit (PISU) before going to Courtesy Lane.
  • Referrals made from DFA employees (limited to 3 referrals per month) and Head/s of other government agencies must secure proper endorsements duly signed by authorized signatories of their respective offices. Only original copies will be accepted for verification purposes. Photocopy of DFA employee’s valid I.D. / government agencies official’s Department I.D. must be attached for verification purposes.
  • Minor (7 years old and below)
  • Senior Citizens (60 years old and above)
  • PWD (genuinely disabled) / with PWD I.D.s
  • Pregnant (genuinely pregnant) / with medical certificate
PASSPORT FEE: P1,200.00 (07 working days)
Senior citizens have an optional processing fee of P950.00 (15 working days)

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