Sunday, March 6, 2016

What is tourist spot in Islas de Gigantes?

Points of interest in the Gigantes group include the Bantigue sandbar, and Bakwitan Cave, one of 73 caves throughout the islands.


Tangke is a saltwater lagoon located within Gigantes Sur. It is surrounded by cliffs. One local myth surrounding Tangke states that the waters would magically rise every year on June 24 during the feast of Saint John the Baptist.

North Gigantes Island Lighthouse

The station was established during 1895 as one of the Spanish lighthouse projects to be built across the Philippines. The current medium-sized lighthouse that is solar-powered, like most of the lighthouses built today, was donated by Japan to replace the one built by the Spanish government due to the destruction brought by Typhoon Frank in 2008. The keeper's house survived but in ruins. The masonry walls were painted white while the roof is made out of corrugated galvanized iron sheet in red paint finish.

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