Friday, March 18, 2016

What you will do incase of Fire in the Engine Room?

Fire is one of the catastrophic scenarios when occurred in the engine room.
Combustion mostly occurs when the three elements of fire (heat, fuel and air) are
These three elements of fire are always presents in the engine room, especially in
machinery spaces and working areas. The best method of fighting a “fire” is
prevention. Any flammable materials will not emit fire when properly handled and
kept in proper location.

When occurrence of fire in the engine room is observed, the following measures
should be done:
a. Keep calm and fight the fire with available fire extinguishing agent at hand when
fire has just only started. When two persons detect the fire, another person shall
do the raising of the alarm.
b. Raise the alarm and inform the bridge of the location, kind of combustible
materials, etc.,
c. Continue to fight the fire if applicable and if impossible, look for a safe place near
the location of fire, coordinate with the on-scene leader of the firefighting team
and give information such as the cause of fire, any crew in the vicinity of fire,
initial firefighting applied, scope of the spread of fire and the estimated time
outbreak of the fire.
d. When the on-scene leader grasps all the information, ask permission to proceed
in your muster station and follow the instruction of your team leader.
i. Best fire fighting agent is “prevention”.
ii. Initial action when fire is detected is foremost important to successfully contain
the fire.

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