Friday, March 18, 2016

What duty engineer/oiler will do when Black-out occured in the ship?

Black-out or electrical power outages is an occurrence when the electrical power
generator or other ancillary’s related equipment fails the supply of electricity onboard.
This scenario is very rare to occur but proper knowledge in prevention and
countermeasures is a must for engineer officer’s to take charge of an engineering

When Black-out occurrence prevails, do the following:
a. Initially, the duty engineer must check and try to recover the electrical power
supply and report the situation to the bridge and to the Chief Engineer.
b. Identify the direct cause and judge the possibility of restarting the main electric
power supply, or of starting the auxiliary or stand-by generator and closing ACB,
c. Restart the auxiliary or stand-by generator automatically or manually and close
the ACB.
d. Stop, slow-down and restart the operation of the main engine as occasion
e. Sequentially restart the vital auxiliary machinery or manually restart them in
succession as occasion demands while watching the electrical loads.
f. Restart the other auxiliary machinery such as purifier, air cond. system, etc.
g. Recover and maintain the operating parameters of the main engine.
h. Investigate the cause and take countermeasures.

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