Friday, March 18, 2016

What you will do when you found flooding in the engine room?

Flooding is an occurrence when there is breakage of sea water piping or tearing of
the ship’s hull that will cause flowing of sea water in the engine room.
When flooding is detected in the engine room, you should:
a. Raise alarm to crew around, notify the bridge and give information regarding the
situation and inform the Chief Engineer.
b. Conduct initial damage control bearing in mind the following concerns:
i. Isolation of the affected area.
ii. Protects all machinery especially those used for damage and flooding control
such as the electrical equipments, pumps, etc.
c. When the on-scene leader has arrived, brief him regarding the situation such as
the location of source of water, the possible cause, etc.
d. When all relevant information has given to the on-scene leader, ask permission to
proceed to your muster station and follow the order of your team leader.

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