Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What is requirements for Diplomatic and service visa in China?

Officials of foreign governments or members of consular missions in Hong Kong SAR, staff of the United Nations, or other international organizations, who wish to travel to Mainland China for official or private purpose or be assigned on a mission to China, shall submit a verbal note from their governments, diplomatic missions or their employing organizations along with their applications. In some cases, an invitation from governmental organs concerned in China is required.
Primary contents of the verbal note should include the applicant's full name, title or occupation, the employing department, passport type and number, purpose of journey, entry and departure dates.
In case of assumption of duty to an embassy or consulate in China, information should be included such as the designated official title, term of duty as well as whether it is a new post, or if not, the name and title of the predecessor.

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